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or..... maybe you dont have to get attached to brands like they were some sort of religion. Its just a product, you buy whatever you like and dont give a shit what other people do with their money. #9.1.1
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its not like i want to defend apple, but why is the samsung case being treated like Apple vs "the little guy". Samsung is a big ass company who knew what they were doing and violated patents.

Sure, its absurd the amount of things apple has patented, but its not really Apple's fault the US patent system is crap and you can patent the most general stuff.

Think about it, if Apple(or any other company) didnt patent the crap out of everything they d... #7
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really, so if i stop shopping there, china will suddenly find a way to give proper jobs to 2 BILLION people... unfortunately, this is something thats just beyond fixing, at least from a consumer point of view #4.1
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well i think most people know the working conditions there are terrible, the problem is, foxconn and pretty much all those big manufacturers make products for A LOT, ALOT of companies, not just apple, so if we wanted to stop buying products made from those companies, you might end up without TV, computer, cellphone, console and many other things.

Besides, this kind of situation is not even the fault of the companies who employ foxconn, its just the sad situation of a country... #3.1
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it should be pretty funny if the magnets end up screwing his ipod after a while #8
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fake 4gb??

as far as i know it has 2x2gb, remember its a dual card. So you do get 4gb ram #1.2.1
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4" is the biggest i would buy, i actually like if my phone can fit in my pocket confortably #6
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sure because pick-pockets are looking to use Siri to damage my social life instead of you know....stealing my phone... #4.1.1
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how much ram does the S2 has?? because everything else, aside from that absurdly gorgeuos HD screen, looks almost the same, except for the downgrade of the camera #2
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yeah, when AT&T works, it works great i wont deny that, the problem is that it has terrible coverage, and in the end, most people will prefer good coverage over faster speeds #5.1.1
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why do they even take AT&T into account in this question? lol

most people who will have it with AT&T is probably because they are still stuck with a contract rather than by choice #5
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funny how people like you complain about that but dont really complain that basically EVERY single company keeps releasing new versions of their phones every year. Or think apple has only ever done simple upgrades from one product to the other without realizing the type of impact that 1st product they release has on their respective market, they may not be the 1st to release something, but you could be that when decide to launch a new product, its gonna set the standard that makes everything... #1.1.1
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