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February Contest Winners

After a great month and some interesting new faces here at TechSpy, here are the winners of the February contest including our most unique prize yet. Our hunted and gathered CES Swag Bag straight from the show floor. Without further ado here are the best of the best in the month of February.

--CES Swag Bag Qualifiers--


And the random generator has decided the winner of the CES bag is...Impressive newcomer, BeastOrange. Congratulations.

--Hottest Story--

User: "NoblePress"

I actually feel bad on this one because I had all but given the prize to AgentWhite with the Galaxy S III Spec leak that seemed to be the clear winner for hottest story of the month at 1310 degrees...Right up until this story came in like a thief in the night and snatched the victory at the very last second with an impressive 1380.

--Comment Contest--

User: C_Menz, With an amazing comment score of 2180...A whopping 218 comments for the month and a clear winner of the comment contest prize. Great Job C!

--Submission Contest--

1. -Mezzo- 28610 $75
2. n4gboy 22040 $50
3. BeastOrange 19390 $25
4. cyberbob 12290 $25
5. spy2012 11250 $25

Congratulations again to all the winners and thank you to all the hard working members here at TechSpy. Be sure to check out the March Contest for a chance to grab some cash and prizes.

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Syko2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Again, Great Job guys. The contests have really picked up lately and the effort has been up as well.

I mean for a while there I wanted to give all the prizes to Racer-X because he was dominating everyone around here, ha ha...Racer is still the man, but glad to see some other faces stepping up and really contributing and building TechSpy.

Thanks again and Congratulations guys.

cyberbob2089d ago

really racer is ultimate moderator

C_Menz2089d ago

Really wanted the bag! But oh well, always the next contest ;)

Thanks again and good job to the moderators here.

Syko2089d ago

Ya great job this month C! You got hosed by the generator lol...Sorry man. =/

C_Menz2089d ago

Yea its fine... I thought he was going to give me a challenge in the comment "war" but I think he gave up once I hit 150 ;).

Speed-Racer2088d ago

Yea, where's my bag >:| ;)

cyberbob2089d ago

OMG i'm on cloud 9 this is my first week and got submission prize.....Thanks to syko

And congratulation to all other winner almost every users on techspy supported me.

Special thanks mizzo

And racer you are really nice moderator.And i appreciate your work from bottom of my heart thanks for giving me lessons time to time

-Mezzo-2087d ago

Always happy to help out. =]

spy20122089d ago

Totally surprised! Thanks!

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