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October Contest Winners

Syko|2181d ago |Blog Post|9|


For October the winner was based on what they bring and contribute to the site. We wanted the prize going to the hardest working and best member of the month.

It came down to a few members who really went at it hard this month but ultimately only one may win the prize...After debate the winner of the Kindle Fire (When it gets officially released) is, Madusha

Congratulations and thanks for all your contributions to the site and the community.


1. -Mezzo- $75
2. n4gboy $50
3. Madusha $25

Congrats to all the winners and thank you again to all the hard working members here at TechSpy. Be sure to check out the November Contest for a chance to grab some cash and prizes before the holidays.

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Syko2181d ago

November Contest Details will be up tomorrow 11/2/11. Thanks guys.

-Mezzo-2181d ago

Congratulations Guys.

I did my best, very, very best, alot more best than everyone else to be the MVP, but i think i missed something.

Madusha2179d ago

Haha nah you didn't miss anything. They just wanted to give someone else a chance. Hope you're okay with it =/. You and N4Gboy have a higher score than me for everything.

-Mezzo-2179d ago

I am super with it, i think you get a choice between the Tablet or Amazon gift card, since you wanted HD-PVR you should get the Amazon Gift Card and get the HD-PVR. =]

Madusha2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

:O Thanks! Worked my butt off approving every legit story and submitting to my limit =) I'm guessing the $200 wasn't given to Mezzo or n4gboy cause you wanted to give someone else a chance..? Will be buying a new graphics card with it as I can't get the Kindle.

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