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October Contest Details

As if it was even a question what the prize would be this month. Let's get to giving away a Amazon Kindle Fire. That is all.


This month the winner will be based on what they bring and contribute to the site. We want the top prizes going to the top members and this contest will guarantee that the hardest working and best members are the ones in the running for this awesome new tablet from Amazon.

There are many ways to use TechSpy and they are all equally important for the most part, but there are a few things that really make the engine of the TechSpy experience hum...So while this will take into account everything you do on the site this month, a big emphasis will be placed on those that spark discussions through comments. As well as those who make sure the news flow in Pending helps the site stay as current and up to date as possible. These two things along with submitting content is the key experience to a great community here at TechSpy so the most active and useful members will be on the short list for the Kindle. Good luck to all of you.

Submit news and get a top 3 News ranking in October and you can win up to $75$. 
The prizes are:

1. $75
2. $50
3. $25

- Single post wonders, spammers, rude or offensive remarks all result in a DQ.
- Contest IS limited to the US/NA this month for the physical prize. However if you win and are outside of the US you will be sent an Amazon Gift Card in place of the Kindle Fire for $199.
- You have to be willing to provide a valid address in order to claim prize. At the end of the month winners will be contacted on TechSpy via PM.

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Syko2245d ago

Just to clarify further:

The contest is open to everyone this month like always, but due to Amazon only shipping the Fire in the U.S. an Amazon gift card will be issued in place of the Fire in the event the winner is located outside of the U.S.

News Contest is back this month as well so get to doing what you guys do on the site and do more of it so you can get your hands on the Kindle Fire or some monies'!

Crazay2243d ago

I can;t seem to find my voice on here for contributing stories. Guess I'll just have to continue with my ever thoughtful responses and commentary to all things technology related.

I do admit that I really think the new Kindle looks pretty decent. I really like the price point.

altairahmad2242d ago

Awesome !! - Kung Fu Panda style !! :D

Madusha2238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

Sweet. My goal is the $25 so I can ship myself a EasyCap recorder for my PS3 with Battlefield 3. Shipping to NZ costs nearly double the price of the product!

-Mezzo-2238d ago

Do not waste your time with easy CAP, i had it and it was/is crap, I have an HD-PVR now and..... well you probably know how good it is.

I say win the $25, save it, win some more Prizes on NewsBoiler sites, save it as well, once you have enough Cash, Get an HD-PVR.

Buying an EasyCap would be equal of throwing the money in Trash.

Madusha2238d ago

+Bubbles for your help.

HD-PVR is $180 at the moment on Amazon. It does 1080i recording but I don't think I wanna spend $180 for that when EasyCap is $7 (although low quality). I can easily fit it in with my Amazon BF3 pre-order. I'll look into some reviews though before I rush into buying it.

Gonna do some commentary videos on YouTube and aim to partner the EMGN channel =D

fatstarr2235d ago

Lol I have an easy cap I got it from a bad trade that I had the better end of, it was like a bonus. it is a piece of garbage and it took me like 2 hours to get it working and it only recorded things in some low res. I got 1 good file out of it and that's all.

Madusha2233d ago

Ok I won't be buying it based on the feedback from you two. Need to find an alternative that's cheaper than the HD-PVR.

2234d ago
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