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August Contest Winners

Syko|2235d ago |Blog Post|8|

Well after a bit of debate among the staff and a lengthy delay that was 100% my fault...Here are the winners of the August Contest.


The lucky winner of the Hyper Speed inducing SSD for their Computer is...


For having to endure 100GB+ of cheesy, sappy Wedding videos and successfully using the phrase "Fit really hit the shan" in his blog. Crazay has now joined the SSD evolution.


1. -Mezzo- $75
2. toaster $50

Congrats to all the winners and thank you again to all the hard working members here at TechSpy.

Every month is a new chance to win great cash or prizes. Be sure to check out the September contest for another chance to win.

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Crazay2235d ago

HAH!! Awesome. Thanks so much for this. I really appreciate it.

Congrats to everyone.

toaster2235d ago

Good job Crazay! Hopefully you put that SSD to good use.

Crazay2235d ago

Thanks man - I really appreciate it. What are you doing with your $50?

Speed-Racer2235d ago

Honestly it sucks being a staff member cause off all these great swag I'm missing out on LOL.

MorgasmM2235d ago

I bet it does.

Well done everyone.

Cat2233d ago

"and a lengthy delay that was 100% my fault." Yeah, yeah, everyone knew that ;)

fatstarr2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

congrats to the winners. this was one crazy battle for that SSD drive.

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