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September Contest Details

Well I don't know about the rest of you but September has brought me no solace from the scorching summer heat...In fact, I am currently working on the 12th straight day of what the weather center calls "Excessive Heat Warnings" which is just another way of saying it is hot as Hell, with temperatures above 110 degrees. So in honor of me never wanting to go outside more than I have to this month I decided to run an all comment contest to make you entertain me. ha ha.

This is also going to be the first month here on TechSpy that we have NOT run a news contest along side our changing monthly contests. Any feedback from anyone other than Mezzo, n4gboy and probably toaster would be appreciated, because I am pretty sure I know what the response will be from those three power contributors lol.


-- Most Active Story (Comments) -- $100

This contest is going to be for the most popular story of the month, that sparks the most active discussion with the most comments. Find a story on the web you find interesting, submit it and hopefully TechSpy members find it as interesting as you do.

This will obviously come with some fine print. First off any comments you make on your own story will be deducted from the comment total. Feel free to actively participate in the discussion but your comments will not be counted toward the total. Also we will be checking IP's so don't try to have your "Brother" or "Friend" comment from the same computer as this will cancel all offending comments from the total...

-- Highest Comment Score -- $100

Highest Comment score for the month wins a cool $100. This comes with the usual...

If your comment quality is for the "Most part" low. We will just head down the list and give it to the guy in second or third place if we feel most of the comments are consisting mainly of the "Wow" "LOL" or "I want this" variety.

Single post wonders, spammers, rude or offensive remarks all result in a DQ. So if you go into every story and put, "____ is awsum!!!1 don't expect to be winning anything.

-- Highest Quality Comments -- $100

This will be staff picked at the end of the month and the member who has consistently brought their A-game to every word with well thought out comments and replies will take home $100.

-- Funniest Comment -- $50

This will go to the comment that brings the funny. It will be a staff pick as well but member replies and voting up of comments will factor heavily on the decision, as well as help it get on our radar as we might not read every last comment throughout the month. (We will try though)

So if you think you are witty and hilarious it might pay off in the comment section...Members please reply and vote up comments Via the Bubble system in order to help us decide the winner.

***************************** ****************************** * ****************************** ****************************** * *
- All Winners will be Paid Via Amazon Gift Cards.
- Single post wonders, spammers, rude or offensive remarks all result in a DQ.
- Contests are NOT limited to the US/NA.
- At the end of the month winners will be contacted on TechSpy via PM.

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Speed-Racer2237d ago

Yup, the brother/family/friend excuse won't cut it.

toaster2237d ago

It sucks that school just started, it's really going to put a dent into my TechSpy time lol.

fatstarr2235d ago

Dam I have like 55 computers in the labs here lol all my extra siblings cant help

Crazay2237d ago

I think that's awesome. It's kinda hard to keep explaining to my boss why I'm on this site so often just trying to keep up with those guys.

MorgasmM2237d ago

I only just stumbled on this site pretty recently and can already tell that I'll spend a great deal of time here too.

Have they announced who won the August contest?

Speed-Racer2237d ago

Coming very soon. We're just making final decisions on the contest winners for the Blog Post aboud SSD memory.

Speed-Racer2233d ago

Results coming out tonight.

Crazay2237d ago

Think about the fit hitting the shan ;)

toaster2237d ago

That was a truly amazing line man..

-MD-2237d ago

I won't be participating but I'd like to say that some of us DO have 2 people with 2 separate accounts in the same house.

gaffyh2237d ago

For the:

Most Active Story (Comments) -- $100

Can this story win? Would be funny if this was the most commented story on the site in September.

Madusha2218d ago

Wouldn't quite work if Syko paid himself the $100 haha