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April Contest Winners

The winner of the slickest, Sickest, Baddest Ass Gaming cans is no doubt going to be a very, very happy person today. So without further delay here are the winners for the TechSpy April contests.

The most loyal reader with a spot of luck (Due to the random generator) in the month of April and the very happy little gamer is:


You are the proud new owner of the Ear Force PX5 from Turtle Beach.

1) mezzo
2) n4gboy

Congrats to all the winners and thank you again to all the hard working members here at TechSpy.

Every month is a new chance to win great cash or prizes. Be sure to check out the May contest for a chance to win, $50 Amazon Gift Cards. There are a lot up for grabs and many, many ways to snag one or more of them.

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Speed-Racer2608d ago

Congrats pimps! Keep up the good work!

toaster2608d ago

Good work bro. Now you'll have a mic.

Megaton2608d ago

Congrats MD bro. Now send them to me since you can't play anything until your GPU is fixed anyway. All your prizes are belong to me.

Syko2608d ago

Broken GPU huh? I better hold onto them for him in the meantime then.

Sahil2607d ago

hahaha.. great idea!

@Megaton: You messed it up :(

Megaton2607d ago

I think it would be for the best. He doesn't need new toys until he fixes his old ones. Thank me later, MD. =)

-MD-2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )


Am sad.

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