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November Contest Details

Syko | 1922d ago
User blog

Another month, another contest...Another reason to love TechSpy. With the big holidays fast approaching, who doesn't need a bit of free stuff to close out 2010. Well lucky for you, your friends here at TechSpy are providing you a few ways to grab some cash or a Kindle 3G+WiFi to boost your holiday awesomeness.

For the Month of November the most active and well spoken member in the comment section will win a Kindle 3G Wireless E-Reader. The winner will be chosen by the staff under the criteria of: most active, quality of comments and discussion oriented comments will be among the most important when picking out the winner for the month.

Single post wonders, spammers, rude or offensive remarks all result in a DQ. So if you go into every iPad story and put, Ipad is awsum!!!1 don't expect to be winning a kindle now or ever.

Submit news and get a top 3 News ranking in November and you can win up to $100. 
The prizes are:
1. $100
2. $50
3. $25

Pandemic  +   1922d ago
Seems like a pretty sweet competition, good luck to all.
AuToFiRE  +   1921d ago
what about me? am i eligible since i am a huge member of the N4G?
Syko  +   1921d ago
It is open to all, If you have an account here and you are an active participating member at TechSpy you have a chance. Only the most active and talkative person is going to win the Kindle though. =)
doctorstrange  +   1921d ago
Great contest
But is the Kindle available in the UK? And if not, can we give it as a gift to someone in the US?
Syko  +   1920d ago
The Kindle that we are giving away works worldwide
Here are the specs, We are giving away the Kindle 3G+WiFi.

(Sorry it's small TechSpy auto resizes it, grrr)

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doctorstrange  +   1920d ago
Thanks guys
Yeah, I knew about the Kindle being in the UK, I just wasnt sure if the comp spanned past the US. Great to hear it does!
michass8  +   1920d ago
doctorstrange check
blur99  +   1920d ago
Great prize.
I love reading. Never had a digital book reader before.
toaster  +   1919d ago
Kindles are nice, I already have a KOBO e-reader myself but a free Kindle couldn't hurt, hehe.
BookerDeWitt  +   1918d ago
Thanks for giving us the chance to win such a great prize :)
michass8  +   1902d ago
guys sorry for my English in comments, but it is not my first language. I'll try my best :D

Good luck to everyone :D

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