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Outstanding Prizes

Ok guys,

So I really want to work on getting prizes paid out as quickly as possible. As I am not the one directly responsible for payout winnings, I need to figure out a way to get this done faster. However I know there are a few outstanding cases that need to be cleared up as well. Unfortunately I could not follow through with some as I have not received follow up feedback from those affected.

If you have any outstanding prizes that need to be paid up (including those from January), please tell me what month you're due for and I'll reference respective winnings to see if it can be sorted out.

In the mean time, I will be having a chat with my bosses to also figure out the best way to speed up prize payouts as I know some of you all appreciate this a lot.

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-Mezzo-471d ago

Nothing is in pending for me personally, apart from the February winnings, which I know will come during the last week of this Month.

Stringerbell469d ago

I'm still pending for the January contest. As well as a 11x2 January contest which I have no idea how to contact anyone on that site since its dead.

coolbeans468d ago

I'm still pending my January contest win. I know we spoke via PM but I just wanted to comment here since I stumbled upon this blog.

coolbeans467d ago

Update: just got my TechSpy prize via e-mail today. Thanks for keeping tabs on this, Speed. :)

clinical466d ago

I just want to say that you guys are doing a great job by giving away sweet prizes every month :)