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When TechSpy was launched, the hope was that traffic would filter from N4G, resulting in a thriving community like over on our sister site. However, not having much of a reputation and having somewhat older rules made for the growth of our community a challenge. After many years, I have finally been able to have the rules re-worked, making the submission process a bit simpler.

I won't go into full discussion about it here as they are already outlined in the now updated Guidelines section, but here are a few major points to note.

1) Sourcing is no longer a thing. We want smaller sites to thrive and welcome each and every to submit content from their blogs instead of dealing with the pesky sourcing rule. However we do require that articles have proper citation (on the blog's end) and that content be of high caliber. If your content reads as if it was passed through a translator, the admins and mods will fail it at their discretion. We figure a lot of moderation will be needed within the first few months to set a precedence as to what is high quality or not, but generally most sites SHOULD be able to make the cut, big or small.

2) We will be allowing certain YouTube links to web series and other original content (e.g. content from MHBHD). Video content tied to a website (e.g. a Verge video) should be submitted via the website article rather than the direct YouTube link. Again, moderation will come into play to set examples of this.

3) Business, politics, and video- game submissions should be written from a technological standpoint, or address repercussions in the technological world.

4) We have added a blogspam rule where low quality content will be auto failed based if article quality is too low, for being a guest post, having too many affiliate links, among a few other potential issues.

The full guide can be read here

We have tried to make the guide less restrictive, but we'd love to hear your feedback about this below :D

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Community462d ago
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Stringerbell462d ago

Hmmm HMMMMM I like these rules. Aversion to YouTube was always a big wtf on these sites. N4G would take random 'top 10 herp derp' and willfully ignore well produced well researched YouTube videos, glad that has changed. Also sourcing, many here myself included probably won some mgmt contests on sourcing points alone! Thats a good change as well. Nice that you guys are still trying to keep things fresh here.

-Mezzo-462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

Well said.

I like the 3rd one specially, since Trump has arrived and is making all the best decisions, we'll be seeing a lot of him in Tech Related news, but some of them have just the slightest touch of Tech and are totally not worth TechSpy.

Keep up the good work.

( Off-Topic: Let's Get To Approving Some Stories People )

thorstein460d ago

" since Trump has arrived and is making all the best decisions"

Did you mistype or is this sarcasm?

Articles about him have blown up all of the science sites I visit so I am not sure if you were being sarcastic or meant to say, " not making all the best decision."

Speed-Racer460d ago

Yes, he is being sarcastic.

sonicwrecks461d ago

The rewrite took a while and more than a couple of long discussions between the two of us. At the end of the day we want things more flexible and more sites to post their content - and yes, YouTube submissions were high on our list to put 'right'.

TechImperia460d ago

Little off topic, but i am looking forward for some changes in the payout timings as well for contest winnings, it is currently a bit off putting that we have to wait around to 1.5-2 months to cash our winnings.

Looking forward for some changes here as well, it will surely encourage me and others to be a regular on the site and keeping the flow of the stories intact.

Speed-Racer460d ago

Why don't you try to understand what I told you in the PM? There was in invoicing error for December's contest resulting in the prize payout date being much later than usual. Most likely you all will be paid when January's winners are paid.

TechImperia460d ago

I understand it by my point is even in the regular case it is after a minimum of a month's time whereas earlier it used to be around 15-20 days max only.

-Mezzo-460d ago

They'll get to you, be patient bro.

They won't hurry up and reach you just because you complained.

Stringerbell460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

Remember that 11x2 fantasy football season that never gave any prizes in the end? I cant complain though these sites have been good to me. Speaking of 11x2 though, it looks like its on hiatus again lol

-Mezzo-460d ago

@Stingerbell -- I do remember that, 11x2 needs some serious changes in Staff, there is no Moderator for the Site, just one Admin who shows once in about 2 months, so there is absolutely no one to help you out if you need some.

It's so bad that even Spam would get approved without any repercussions, but thankfully we have some decent people contributing over there.
----------------------------- -
I mean it's a Football site, if 11x2 had an active & contributing Admin/Mod's, running a tight shift like it is on 'TechSpy', it could have been the second most Successful site of the NewsBoiler Network.

Stringerbell460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

I'll say this now and I dont really care because its old news. I found these sites, N4G TechSpy etc through 11x2. And thats a miracle because its usually these sites siphoning traffic off of N4G not the other way around!

Anyway I contacted Kat (remember her), at the time I was big into football blogging specially growing traffic on football microblogs, that was my job at the time. I wanted to do that on 11x2, I wanted to take control of the 11x2 twitter handle and help the site out, I had ideas for monthly contests, expanding the scope of user submitted blogs - this was right before the world cup in Brazil mind you and when football was really starting to take off in North America. They said no, they had other plans for the site. Years later those plans turned out to be nothing I guess. All that site is, is basically a giant mirror for reposting articles. Mind you I wasn't even looking for money, this was me volunteering my time thats how much I liked the site initially.

And I do agree with you that site had the potential to be successful but whoever is in charge could care less, real shame.