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January Contest Winners

And that's a wrap guys, January is over! We did a slightly different contest as people jumped the gun on the submission race. We opted to see who could write a decent story about future technology. Out of the 7 available spots, we received 6 entries. As a result, I will actually split the remaining spot evenly, bringing each person's winnings to $58 instead of $50 as initially promised. It seems not everyone likes free money :(

In no particular order, here are our winners!

1) Stringerbell
2) vger
3) coolbeans
4) sonicwrecks
5) TechImperia
6) Settler

Please look out for your PMs!

Also, stay tuned for next month's contest because we'll be breaking traditions yet again :D

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Stringerbell505d ago

For the record free money is the best kind of money. Congratulations to everyone, lets see whose predictions hold true!

-Mezzo-505d ago

Congratulations to all the winners! :D

TechImperia504d ago

Nice, some last moment entries are bit of surprise though.

anyway, could I request the management to look in to the payout timings, I guess at the moment it is around 1.5 months after the winners being announced.

Thank you and congrats to all the winners.

P.S - No head start advantage from now... since we'll be breaking traditions yet again :D

coolbeans503d ago

Woohoo! 8 more dollars! :D

Thanks for the kind gesture, Speed.