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Story Description Rule Change

Hey guys, here's a quick rule change which will take place as soon as this blog post goes live.

We're now asking that you include the name of the site stories are published from in the description for ALL stories. We understand that users were only required to include the name in the description for a limited number of scenarios, but we are taking a similar note to that of our sister site FilmWatch.

The rule will be included in our guidelines soon enough but here is a draft of what will be included:


When writing a story description, always include the name of the website that published the story and quote the actual contents of the description, no matter the type of story.

A news story from Phandroid can follow any of these styles:

Phandroid write "A new device was released today."
Phandroid: "A new device was released today."
John Doe of Phandroid writes: "A new device was released today."

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altairahmad2224d ago

An important addition to the rules...

altairahmad2224d ago

Its high time to earn reporting points people ! :P

toaster2222d ago

Finally this is in effect. I was wondering when something like this would happen as the rules before were very vague about this.

primesuspect2221d ago

What a disappointing change. Going to a less journalistic style is... sigh.

gaffyh2221d ago

It's probably because a lot of people never do it when personal pronouns are used. So they just changed it so you always do it, that way it removes the problem.

Speed-Racer2221d ago

Why? You take an excerpt from the 1st paragraph or whatever, then quote it. Most stories have been excerpts anyway, so the change really is just adding a quote around it. FilmWatch does it as well.

Crazay2219d ago

Personally I'd like to see more capitalization in titles but I'm not the boss. =P

Speed-Racer2219d ago

Lol you don't need to be. Some users actually suggested this idea, so all feedback is taken into account.

Crazay2218d ago

I just think that proper capitalization for titles makes it look much more professional and legit.

fatstarr2219d ago

Haha so no more plagiarism.