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Detecting Spam

Hey guys, I've noticed that even though spam posts occasionally get through the Pending Section, no one really takes note. Here are some tips to help stop spam posts from getting approved.

1) Actually read the story. It doesn't make sense just approving for approving sake if the content behind the link is not up to par. Just remember that while you may not fall for such a trap, there are other readers who may. Please keep your fellow members' well being in mind.

2) If the post speaks about some kind of software that cam improve some aspect of your life and then includes details about how to purchase it, most likely it's spam.

3) If the post is laid out in a way such as a top 10 list of XX items with affiliate links, that can be considered spammy if the author's post was written specifically to make money of affiliate links.

4) If you think something is of spammy nature, make sure to report it so that other users are aware of the contents of that post.

Some of the products you may see include anti-virus and registry cleaners, site building tools, SEO improvement tips, DVD/CD/Bluray conversion software, etc.

Let's keep this place tidy :D

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AgentWhite1952d ago

Thanks For the info will take care of that too , while approving.

faizanshakyboy1951d ago

i'll take care of it from now on !