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Updated: Site Downtime

Hey guys, for those wondering what's going on with the site, we'd like to let you know that there is indeed a few bugs under the hood but top level administration is taking care of it. It will result in downtime for a few days unfortunately. We know you all are eager to get to your contest but we're making sure the experience is better for everyone in the long run. We apologize for any issues, but hope you can bear with us for a little while longer. Sadly, I don't have an ETA when things will be finished, but keep an eye out because it should be 100% functional very soon.

Update - Everything seems to be back as normal. Thanks for understanding.

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-Mezzo-2027d ago

Yup, it's been acting weird for me since 30th of last month, hopefully it'll get resolved sooner than later.

But It seems the site is working for some people ( AgentWhite & Mark484 ), They could get an unfair head start in the competition over everyone.

Mark4842026d ago

Hey mam, I think you are thinking wrong ,I am not taking any advantage site was not working well for me also I can only publish the story which you can also do ,moreover but after few post I was not able to post new post bcoz its says to approve some stories to submit news but I can't approve due to some technical problem. I had also reported about the site failure to the boss (syko) .

Hey mam I know there is no completion between you and me . you are so expert in this ,that which score I create in complete month you can only make them in few days only

-Mezzo-2026d ago

What with the 'MAM' dude. o_0

I didn't said that you were doing something unfair, if you were able to post it was not your fault. I was holding the site errors for the unfair advantage.

Cheers. =]

Speed-Racer2026d ago

He can barely speak English, so the translations are a bit funny.

fatstarr2025d ago

I hope to one day beat your score for just a day or a week lol.
Goals for 2013.

Mark4842020d ago

Sorry that was man ...:P

Syko2026d ago

The Mayans predict the fall of TechSpy this month, So be patient...This was in the stars.

Seriously though it seems to be better today, but expect a few rough patches over the next few days. All in all though it is limping back to 100% as fast as it can. Sorry guys.