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Why My Computer Would Benefit From an SSD Upgrade

Just last month I was talking about my paltry computer system and how it could use a new videocard. I was perfectly happy with the system and then a 2 weeks ago, BOOM!!! It dies on me (thankfully I didn't win the video card right?). No matter I have 3 laptops for computing and I don't need my system for gaming(3 Xbox 360s, 2 Ps3s, Wii, GameCube, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Sega Saturn and Dreamcast for that). I figured I was covered --- I can look at replacing it after Christmas.

Then I get a cal from a buddy of mine who does wedding videos and his business is BOOMING this year. He tells me that he's desperate to get me on board with him to do some editing. I explained to him the situation with my computer and that my laptops just didn't have the juice needed to help him out. Sure the extra $$$ would be awesome but with a fulltime job, a family with a 2yr old and my own small business, it's too tough to make the time but then the "Fit really hit the shan".

My well water began failing on me.

I called up my friend and asked him some more questions about what he needed/wanted and bit the proverbial bullet. I needed to start pulling later nights and weekends to help him out for the extra $$$ needed to fix my well so I went out and spent a little cash on fixing my system.

Now I'm rolling with an AMD Phenom II Black Edition 1090x with 16GB and a 500GB SATA HDD but be damned if my system couldn't benefit from a SSD. These bloody wedding videos are in excess of 60-75Gb in size. Editing videos off this would greatly improve my life as a new video editor. I'd probably put only Windows, Premiere and videos on it....I think it could really boost my performance in crunching the final videos so I can crank these things out and pay for my costly repairs.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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Syko2437d ago

Clearly going bonus points for the phrase, "Fit really hit the shan" Seriously LOL'd at that.

And 75GB Wedding videos I assume these are 1080P lengthy videos at that size...damn.

Crazay2435d ago

Ya man - they are 1080p vids and I have to cut down 8-10hrs of video into a single 60-90 minute final cut. Then I make it into a flash video to let the bride and groom watch it to approve the cut. It's rather time consuming.

toaster2429d ago

That sucks having to deal with such huge ass video files. I work with big photos (RAW format) a lot but they are nowhere near the size of what an hour long 1080p video would be.

I'll be using that phrase now, LOL.

Crazay2428d ago

Ya man the videos are sickly large. Especially when it's 8-10hrs of video. My fingers and toes are definitely crossed on this one =P...Especially since he just told me that he's booking an Indian Wedding that's going to span across 2 days. FML!