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Your Android device is not the place to store your photos

526 days 18 hours ago - AndroidCentral: No matter if you have 64GB SD cards, or 64GB of free space on your phone, or even just 2GB of free space, don't use it to store all... | Article | Gadgets


Keep your charge on | How to improve battery life on your Android phone

1660 days 10 hours ago - Android Central writes: "Howdy! It's me again, and this week we're gonna talk about something near and dear to all of us -- battery life. It's al... | Article | Phones


Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S4 sign up page now live

583 days 7 hours ago - Android Central- Yesterday Verizon confirmed that their Samsung Galaxy S4 would be available sometime in May, and today they have made the sign up... | News | Web


Galaxy S5 ROM is a bit of a monster, taking up nearly 8GB of storage

272 days 8 hours ago - Android Central- We have to preface what we're about to show you with the following statement: Pre-release device, lacking carrier customizations,... | News | Phones


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This is the Verizon HTC DLX

764 days ago - AndroidCentral: Ladies and gentlemen, meet the HTC DLX for Verizon. A few rumored details recently emerged about this upcoming (and as yet unannoun... | News | Phones


Sprint HTC Hero Android 2.1 software leaked

1654 days 7 hours ago - AndroidCentral: When it rains, it pours. Just got word of a new leak for the HTC Sprint Hero. No way of knowing if this is the final 2.1 version,... | News | Phones


Exclusive leaked photo shows Verizon's Moto X, and a small unexpected UI change

498 days 4 hours ago - Android Central - Hot out of the inbox is this picture of the Verizon Moto X in all it's LTE glory. While we don't get a look at the back or any of... | Image | Phones


Expand your Google Keep use with this Chrome extension

585 days 13 hours ago - Android Central- We haven't heard a whole lot of news about Google Keep since it was launched just a few weeks ago, but if you are a Keep user then... | News | Software


Grab a UK Nexus 5 for just £240!

274 days 5 hours ago - Android Central - Carphone Warehouse offering the Nexus 5 in the UK for just £240 | News | Phones


Android 4.3 build for Nexus 4 leaks

494 days 1 hour ago - Android Central- A few weeks after Android 4.3 leaked for the the Google Play edition Galaxy S4, today we're seeing the same pre-release build — JW... | Rumor | Software


AndroidCentral - HTC One (M8) Review

116 days 8 hours ago - AndroidCentral - The HTC One has done what few phones have done before. A year after its release, it still holds up. That’s not always the case wit... | News | Phones


Google Play Books updated with new 'Read Aloud' feature and pinch to zoom

705 days 9 hours ago - Android Central : Google Play Books has just had an update pushed out into the Play Store, that brings with it among other features a new 'Read Alo... | News | Web


Why 64-bit processors really matter for Android

75 days 10 hours ago - One of the biggest buzzwords of 2014 when it comes to mobile hardware is "64-bit." It gets thrown around like some sort of magic that makes everyth... | Opinion piece | Software


Motorola Droid X2 pics and specs leak out

1376 days 3 hours ago - Android Central: We've been hearing plenty of rumors surrounding the Motorola Droid X2 for a while now but finally we got some pics and specs to po... | News | Phones


Verizon docs advertise Netflix on the LG Revolution

1302 days 12 hours ago - AC: Here's yet another confirmation that the upcoming LG Revolution will have Netflix streaming. For a while now we've all been asking, and I quot... | News | Phones


U.S. government accused of spying on citizens with fake towers to collect phone data

9 days 17 hours ago - A new report suggests that a U.S. Marshals Service spy program operating under the Justice Department is collecting thousands of cellphone identifi... | News | Culture


Android Market's new movie rental service blocked from rooted devices

1281 days 9 hours ago - Android Central: "We can't make this up people. According to Google, who gets to make the rules since it's their service, rooted devices are not s... | News | Software


The European Parliament is considering a call to break up Google

2 days 8 hours ago - Google is a big company, perhaps too big, according to the European Parliament. By far the dominant player on the internet thanks to its leading se... | News | Industry


HTC apologizes for poor Nexus 9 flash sale experience, offers fix for the future

17 days 7 hours ago - Yesterday, HTC ran a flash sale for the new Nexus 9 tablet offering as much as 50 percent off the base 16 GB WiFi model. As a result, its site was... | News | Gadgets


Oppo releases KitKat based ColorOS 2.0 for its Find 7 and 7a smartphones

35 days 7 hours ago - Oppo has released its new ColorOS 2.0 for its Find 7 and Find 7a smartphones, based on Android KitKat, which offers a new UI shell for those device... | News | Software


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