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In-app Subscriptions in Google Play

1354 days 5 hours ago - AD - We launched In-app Billing on Google Play a year ago to give developers more ways to sell and engage users over the lifetime of their apps. Si... | News | Services


Android Apps Break the 50MB Barrier

1434 days 4 hours ago - ADB - Android applications have historically been limited to a maximum size of 50MB. This works for most apps, and smaller is usually better — ever... | News | Software


Android 4.0.3 Becomes Base Version Of ICS

1513 days 10 hours ago - AndroidDevelopers-"Today we are announcing Android 4.0.3, an incremental release of the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) platform. The new release... | News | Software


Android 3.2 Platform and Updated SDK tools

1668 days 6 hours ago - AD: Today we are announcing the Android 3.2 platform, an incremental release that adds several new capabilities for users and developers. The new p... | News | Software


Google - New Mode for Apps on Large Screens

1672 days 3 hours ago - Android Blog - Android tablets are becoming more popular, and we're pleased to note that the vast majority of apps resize to the larger screens jus... | News | Software


Introducing Renderscript

1822 days 3 hours ago - Android Developers: Renderscript is a key new Honeycomb feature which we haven’t yet discussed in much detail. I will address this in two parts. Th... | News | Software


Google announces Android 2.3.3, New NFC Capabilities

1824 days 5 hours ago - Google: Several weeks ago we released Android 2.3, which introduced several new forms of communication for developers and users. One of those, Near... | News | Gadgets


The Android 3.0 Fragments API

1828 days 12 hours ago - Android Developers - An important goal for Android 3.0 is to make it easier for developers to write applications that can scale across a variety of... | News | Software


More Payment Options in Android Market

1873 days 2 hours ago - ADB - A key to a great purchasing experience is providing users with simple and fast payment methods. The Android Market team has been working hard... | News | Software


Android Market Client Update

1884 days 9 hours ago - Android Developers - The Android Market engineering team has been hard at work on improving the Android Market experience for users and developers.... | News | Software

Content Rating for Android Market

1900 days 18 hours ago - Android Developers Blog: Providing users with more information about applications on Android Market has been a top request from Android users. Star... | News | Software


Android: More Countries, More sellers, More buyers

1955 days 7 hours ago - A-D: Since we launched Android and Android Market, we have seen the population of Android users and devices expand into many countries. This widesp... | News | Software

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