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More than 1 billion people are using Facebook on mobile every month

15 hours ago - We knew a lot of people were accessing Facebook through a mobile device, but now the social network has a fresh figure feather to stick in its cap. | News | Web


Google X Smart Contact Lens to measure diabetics' glucose levels

97 days 7 hours ago - TechRadar: "Your computer-weary eyes don't deceive you. Google's next experimental project is indeed a shrunken wearable for the eye, but it's one... | News | Gadgets


The Appleseed legend: the story behind Apple's unofficial mascot

118 days 10 hours ago - TechRadar- Close to the check-in desks at WWDC 2013, we overheard a commotion. As delegates queued to pick up their show passes, one tall, dark-hai... | Article | Software


Samsung Galaxy S5 to go flat, not flexible

121 days 9 hours ago - There are only going to be more and more rumours flying around about the Samsung Galaxy S5 as we move towards its 2014 launch, but c... | Rumor | Phones


Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

Now - We are buying one lucky N4Ger a PS4 just for commenting on any N4G story! | Promoted post

Samsung Galaxy Band may be the Galaxy Gear's fitness follow-up

122 days 4 hours ago - TechRadar: "It's fair to say that the Samsung Galaxy Gear was a bit of a let down for many. After all, it failed the biggest test of all by featuri... | Rumor | Gadgets


How to make your old iPhone as good as new

122 days 4 hours ago - TechRadar: "When Apple released iOS 7 it was surprisingly accommodating with backwards compatibility, allowing it to be installed on devices as old... | Opinion piece | Phones


LG G2 Mini to go quad-core and KitKat flavoured?

122 days 4 hours ago - TechRadar: "With a quad-core processor and Android 4.4 KitKat on board the LG D-410 - thought to be the LG G2 Mini - is beginning to sound like a p... | News | Phones


10 bits of future tech we wish existed right now

122 days 7 hours ago - TechRadar: "While nobody really wants a front row seat to the End of Days extravaganza, wouldn't it be nice to stick around for another hundred yea... | Opinion piece | Hi-tech


Facebook hires NYU professor to head new artificial intelligence lab

134 days 3 hours ago - TechRadar: "Facebook is expanding its interest in artificial intelligence by creating a new AI laboratory and selecting New York University profess... | News | Web


Facebook's Year in Review shows we all gossiped about the Pope, Royal Baby

134 days 7 hours ago - TechRadar: "It's nearing the end of a year once again and that means it's time to recount all the hot trends, songs, movies and memes we embraced o... | News | Web


LG G2 might be getting a mini version in the near future

134 days 10 hours ago - TechRadar: "The LG G2 was a surprisingly good phone, even if it didn't rocket off the shelves, and now it looks like it's getting downsized like so... | Rumor | Phones


Nokia's new BH-121 is a Bluetooth stereo headset that looks like an iPod shuffle

134 days 11 hours ago - TechRadar: "Nokia's heavily rumoured 'iPod rival' has officially landed, in the form of a NFC-enabled, Bluetooth stereo headset dubbed the BH-121." | News | Gadgets


The world gets into big phones in a big way as Note 3 sells 10m

134 days 11 hours ago - TechRadar: "While the world at large may have poo-pooed the 'phablet' at first glance, Samsung's sales figures show that these big-screened phones... | News | Phones


Teaching kids to code brings politicians and rival companies together

135 days 1 hour ago - TechRadar: "Google, alongside Apple, Facebook and others, is supporting the Hour to Code campaign which teaches children around the World how to co... | News | Industry


Aldi goes Android with £80 tablet launch

135 days 13 hours ago - TechRadar: "The quest to offer the cheapest tablet of all time stepped up a gear this weekend as Aldi started selling an £80 Android tablet, to the... | News | Gadgets


Ebay Xbox scam sucker gets free console for his trouble

135 days 13 hours ago - TechRadar: "Remember pointing and laughing at Peter Clatworthy last week? The man who bought a really rubbish picture of an Xbox One for £450 on Eb... | News | Gaming


Fedora 19 vs Korora 19: which is the best distro for you?

135 days 13 hours ago - TechRadar: "Although Fedora 19 and Korora 19 are genetically identical, we admit it's a little unfair to pit these distros against each other. Fedo... | Opinion piece | Software


Facebook's sympathise button will turn the News Feed into a Blues Feed

135 days 13 hours ago - TechRadar: "On the face of it, Facebook's proposed sympathy button is a terrible idea that takes us one step closer to living in an idiocracy." | News | Web


Facebook 'No posts to show' bug affects users, thinks you need friends

136 days 15 hours ago - TechRadar: ""A small number of people had trouble loading News Feed content earlier today. The issue is resolved, and we apologize for any inconven... | News | Web


Google Play Store 4.5.10 update tipped for further Google+ integration

136 days 15 hours ago - TechRadar: "A Google Play Store update is reportedly being rolled out and includes further integration with Google+, something that has gotten it i... | Rumor | Software


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