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Sharp Develops 736ppi IGZO LCD Panel

454 days 9 hours ago - Sharp Corp developed an IGZO LCD panel with a resolution as high as 736ppi. | News | Industry


DNP Aims to Replace Smartphone Glass Cover With Plastic

1164 days 4 hours ago - Techon: Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) Co Ltd developed a plastic cover sheet whose pencil hardness is as high as 9H. The sheet is expected to replac... | Opinion piece | Phones


NTT Docomo Prototypes Head-mounted Smartphone

1224 days 22 hours ago - Techon: NTT Docomo Inc announced a concept model of its next-generation smartphone called "Hands-free Video Phone" and exhibited a prototype having... | News | Phones


Electricity Transmitted to Auto Tire Through 10cm-thick Concrete

1314 days 17 hours ago - Tech-On - The Toyohashi University of Technology demonstrated its wireless power transmission technology using electric field coupling with automob... | News | Hi-tech


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Toray Advanced Film to Roll Out Self-repairing Film

1404 days 9 hours ago - Tech-On - Toray Advanced Film Co Ltd will begin to sell the "Self-cure Coat Film," which can self-repair small scratches, in earnest. Thus far,... | News | Gadgets


Japanese Supercomputer Achieves 10.51 Peta FLOPS

1560 days 13 hours ago - Tech On - Fujitsu Ltd and Riken (Japan-based independent administrative institution) announced that the floating-point operations per second (FLOPS... | News | Culture


TechOn: New Wireless Technology Transmits Data Without Using Battery

1701 days 12 hours ago - Renesas Electronics Corp developed a near-field wireless communication technology to transmit data to Bluetooth- and wireless LAN (WiFi)-compatible... | Article | Hi-tech


Samsung Unveils 55-inch Naked-eye 3D LCD TV

1791 days 20 hours ago - TechOn: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd exhibited a 55-inch 3D LCD TV viewable with the naked eye at FPD China 2011, which is taking place from March 15... | News | Video


Samsung Makes 19-inch OLED TV by Using Printing Method

1916 days 18 hours ago - Tech-On: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd exhibited a prototype of a 19-inch TV equipped with an OLED panel made by using a printing method. The TV fe... | News | Video


Aska Electron Piggybacks Data on Wireless Power Supply

1927 days 13 hours ago - TechOn: Wireless power supply has made it possible to transfer power without power cabling, but why not transfer data at the same time? A number of... | News | Gadgets


Sharp Showcases 35mm-thick BD Recorder

1949 days 23 hours ago - TechOn: Sharp Corp developed a Blu-ray Disc (BD) recorder that is as thin as 35mm at the thinnest part and exhibited it at Ceatec Japan 2010. Th... | News | Video


New Interface Technology Realizes Touchable 3D Images

1995 days 13 hours ago - By attaching a device to a fingertip, it provides feelings of touching a 3D object displayed on a screen and handling the object. AIST expects that... | News | Hi-tech


Amimon Demos Wireless Transmission of 3D HD Video

2026 days 13 hours ago - Tech-On: Amimon Inc of Israel prototyped a system that wirelessly transmits 3D high-definition (HD) video by using the WHDI (wireless high-definiti... | News | Video


Vibration-powered Generators Replace AA, AAA Batteries

2034 days 23 hours ago - Tech-On: Brother Industries Ltd developed small vibration-powered generators that can replace AA and AAA batteries. | News | Hi-tech


Japanese Supercomputer Ranked 1st in Little Green500 List

2039 days 12 hours ago - TechOn: A Japanese university and a research institute announced July 6, 2010, that their supercomputer system was ranked first in a ranking of sup... | News | PC hardware


Japanese Firm Proposes Cosmetic Use of iPad

2073 days 6 hours ago - Tech-On: Scalar Corp developed the "AirMicro model A1," a microscope that can be connected to the iPhone or the iPad via a wireless LAN. The com... | News | Gadgets


Sony's New Touch Panel Detects Amount of Pressure

2073 days 19 hours ago - Tech-On: Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Sony CSL) Inc developed a touch panel that can generate tactile feedback and detect the amount of pres... | News | Gadgets


Sony Prototypes Eye-tracking Glasses for Lifelog

2076 days 22 hours ago - Tech-on: The device, which was prototyped in collaboration with the University of Tokyo, was designed for lifelogging. The device measures human ey... | News | Hi-tech


Oki Embeds Li-ion Battery in Printed Board

2077 days 20 hours ago - Oki Printed Circuits Co Ltd showed an exhibit on a technology to embed a 170μm-thick thin-film all-solid-state lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable ba... | News | Hi-tech


Samsung Develops USB-powered LCD PC Monitor

2084 days 1 hour ago - Tech On: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd developed a 18.5-inch LCD display whose power consumption is as low as 6.3W and exhibited it at SID 2010. At... | News | PC hardware

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