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NSA Lifts Middle Finger to Middle Kingdom

119 days 14 hours ago - Tech News World - , there have been some good National Security Agency revelations. Like the one about the NSA tapping German Chancellor Angela... | Rumor | Services


French Teen in Hot Water Over Drone Footage

146 days 4 hours ago - TechWorldNews: A French teen is in hot water over a video he recorded using a drone. Also: The headman of a South Korean newspaper removes content... | News | Hi-tech


Google's Death Wish

224 days 2 hours ago - Tech News World: If Google's recent move to robots that are designed to take millions of manufacturing jobs doesn't kill it, I'm very sure it ev... | Opinion piece | Culture


Pesky Bug Drags Facebook Shadow Profiles Into the Spotlight

391 days 14 hours ago - TechNewsWorld: If you're worried about the NSA poking around in your affairs, you should perhaps be very worried about Facebook. It seems it's kee... | News | Web


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

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Top Technology Trends for 2012

591 days 11 hours ago - TechNewsWorld: Windows 8 is a trend in and of itself, and it represents the biggest bet that Steve Ballmer's Microsoft has ever made. The company i... | Article | Culture


In-Flight Entertainment: Almost All the Comforts of Home

639 days 13 hours ago - TECHNEWSWORLD-"Flying isn't just about getting from point A to point B. It's about enjoying the journey. New entertainment technologies -- from HD... | Article | Hi-tech


No Ice Cream Sandwich for You? Clone It!

774 days 17 hours ago - Tech News World: Add widgets and shortcuts if your install is a keeper. You'll be able to change desktop layout and preferences, like autofit, that... | Article | Software


2011's Most Momentous Moments for Apple

948 days 19 hours ago - Technewsworld: "This year was one of tremendous loss for Apple, but the company also seemed to gain a great deal of momentum. Its iconic cofounder... | Opinion piece | Industry


Has Microsoft Missed the Tablet Boat?

962 days 7 hours ago - A report from Forrester indicates consumer interest in Windows-based tablets has plummeted over the last few months. It's true that Microsoft's act... | Article | Industry


Taking It to the Cybercrooks: Q&A With Security Guru Mikko Hypponen, Part 2

969 days 15 hours ago - Mikko Hypponen has spent the past 20-plus years studying malicious software, including everything from "Brain" -- the first PC virus, dating back t... | Interview | Culture


Taking It to the Cybercrooks: Q&A With Security Guru Mikko Hypponen, Part 1

969 days 15 hours ago - It was once the case that computer viruses and other malicious software were written primarily by hobbyist hackers. Their motivations, for the most... | Interview | Culture


Fuzzy Signals for Internet TV

980 days 11 hours ago - Device makers still seem to be crawling in the dark when it comes to Internet-based television. Logitech CEO Guerrino De Luca scorned the 2010 laun... | Article | Industry


iOS Update Fails to Silence Battery Complaints

980 days 14 hours ago - It totally fixes the problem. It makes things worse. It does nothing. There was never a problem in the first place. Those are some of the various g... | Article | Gadgets


Everything's Finally Copacetic on Facebook, Right?

1379 days 18 hours ago - Facebook came out with some unexpected changes to the way the network operates, and the biggest surprise may be that there hasn't been an instant a... | News | Web


Microsoft Wants to Cordon Off Botnet-Infected Computers

1380 days 7 hours ago - Microsoft is calling for "collective action" to combat cyberthreats -- particularly botnets. | News | PC hardware


Google Knows Plenty About Lobbyists and Lawmaking

1380 days 7 hours ago - Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently appeared flustered to find that lobbyists play such a large role in the creation of U.S. laws. | News | Web


Glassgate Is a Problem for Apple, However You Cut It

1380 days 7 hours ago - Whether Apple has a real problem on its hands with "Glassgate" is a question only of degree. If the iPhone 4's glass back is subject to shattering... | News | Gadgets


Facebook Groups: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors?

1381 days 13 hours ago - Despite recent rumors concerning cellphones and a deal with Skype, Facebook's latest big reveal was all about new site features. Groups will let us... | News | Web


YouTube for the Enterprise? Adobe Unleashes Flash Media Server 4

1410 days 11 hours ago - YouTube's daily tally of roughly two billion downloads proves that viewing video is among the most popular activities among Internet users. Now Ado... | News | Industry


Redefining Endpoint Security

1455 days 11 hours ago - The point at which a device becomes "valuable" to criminals is typically when it combines both the device and the user credentials. As a result, an... | Article | Software


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