Revealed: The top 10 countries likely to be worst hit by an asteroid impact

Daily mail: The asteroids would cause catastrophic damage, on a city-sized scale or larger. Research from the University of Southhampton has identified the countries most likely to be worst hit.

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chadwarden2195d ago

Well in the movies it's always the US.

GrumpyVeteran2195d ago

Yep. Hell, in the movies the US = the world.

360ICE2195d ago

While in real life the US > the world

SilentNegotiator2195d ago

Or maybe it has to do with most of those movies coming from the US. Thus those persons are more compelled by a story impacting their own country. Just a thought.

GrumpyVeteran2193d ago

I never argued the reason behind it, SilentNegotiator.

Herp derp, SilentNegotiator.

Herp derp.

dreamtheater872195d ago

I guess Britain is on the list due to being a small island. Ah well, better start building that water-tight bomb shelter.

XboxInnovation2195d ago

That's it, I'm moving to Canada!

bahabeast2195d ago

to the u.s the u.s = the world

mcgrottys2195d ago

wait... no russia? I'd expect a country the size of russia to be in the top ten. But then again it is quite north.