Samsung Galaxy SIII - Everything You Need To Know

Geeks Have Landed: Samsung have officially announced the Galaxy SIII. It's amazing. Here's everything you have to know.

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PaPa-Slam2086d ago

The Screen is the only reason i might get this Phone.

Elvis2085d ago

Lol, for me the screen is the only reason I'm thinking twice about buying the phone.

I wish they used normal RGB display.

chriski3332086d ago

i need to know usa release date and if it will be on Verizon?

TLG19912085d ago

WHY THE FUCK did i get an evo 3d, piece of crap phone lol

Captain Qwark 92085d ago

meh, none of those features look very useful. not impressed.

the s beam is cool but i dont need to transfer things very often except photos which are just as easy to send over anyway

SJIND2085d ago

All Rumors come true?

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