Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 announced for May 3rd: two Kepler GPUs for $999

The Verge: "NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang just introduced the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 in a keynote over in Shanghai, China. Designed "from the ground up to deliver the highest performance in history," this card is built in a pretty wild fashion: it's constructed using plated aluminum on the outside, with polycarbonate windows embedded in the front. It has a 10-phase power supply, integrated SLI technology connecting two GTX 680 GPUs onboard, and dual water-vapor champers sitting directly on top of them."

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snoop_dizzle2182d ago

I kind of have a sick fantasy about blowing 5 or more grand to build a computer with one or two of these in it.

But realistically I am pretty happy with my 560ti and I don't think I'd really find any good reason to buy this, lol.

Max Power2182d ago

I'm waiting for more information on the 670's.

Noctis Aftermath2182d ago

Really crappy that it's only got 2gb to use, def not worth the asking price.

Would be a better buy when they release a 4gb version( not this fake 4gb non sense) and reduce the price.

--Onilink--2181d ago

fake 4gb??

as far as i know it has 2x2gb, remember its a dual card. So you do get 4gb ram

bumnut2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

He is correct, you will only be able to use 2 GB. It works using SLI, I have 2 570's but still only have 1280MB usable video RAM, not 2 X 1280.

hiredhelp2181d ago

Or wait for AMD 7990 6gb

Whitey2k2181d ago

i agree but the problem is having so much ram doesnt make it a good graphics card :)

hiredhelp2181d ago

no but good if you have multidisplay high res but i agree overkill at currunt time has been even on 6990 and gtx 590.

SephirothX212181d ago

What's the point of multidisplay? It doesn't seem that useful.

Mikhail2181d ago

Its more useful than 3d for me. It has other uses besides gaming.

hiredhelp2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Mikhail has a point and for thoes also dont prefer 3D multidisplay benifits gamers from seeing at the side of them rather than having to do a 45' turn gives that extra edge.
Of course this all comes at a hefty price but its down to the consumer the gamer what they prefer.

But yes thats where 3-6gb bandwith make a differnce playing on a standard 1920 monitor hdmi or not maybe not using all that bandwith myself :(. Own a lg 1920 single monitor. But plan to change that some point when next play hie$t.