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Apple “10 years behind Microsoft in terms of security” says Kaspersky

What's Hawt: Kaspersky boss says that Apple is “ten years behind Microsoft in terms of security.” This comes after the recent hubbub about the Flashback that put 600,000 Mac machines at risk.

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gaffyh2517d ago

I honestly don't doubt this report at all, because Apple has kinda been resting on its laurels. The Mac OS was only secure through obscurity, now that iPads and Macs are all the rage, it's clear that hackers will target them next.

Speed-Racer2517d ago

and I think Apple still has a chance of saving face. Even though they've been hit by a few cases of malware, they could still put things in place to quickly deal with future instances of trojans without much of a customer relations problem.

gaffyh2517d ago

Yeah that's true, but because it's Apple, they'll probably just end up buying a antivirus/security firm and incorporating their software into future updates.

AgentWhite2517d ago

The only chance of improvement is when apple admit their faults , unless and until they know where the problem is then aint find a solution . Apple is capable of doing anything as they have quality resources .

thorstein2517d ago

@All of the above

Exactly. Remember that Paypal doesn't want Safari users. And for good reason. I couldn't believe the macfan hate after that. Why would you be mad at a company that is trying to prevent you from having your identity stolen?

sikbeta2516d ago

They don't need to, I-zealots will only blame themselves first, "I was the one who did this to my I-whatever, forgive me Perfect Apple Overlord" -_-

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contra1572517d ago

Blown out of proportion. At least it doesn't take forever for Apple to secure these holes

SnakeCQC2516d ago

It does take apple long to react; in the article it refers to the flashback scenario. Did you even read the article?

Neko_Mega2517d ago

Yet Mac's seem to rarely get virus and all, in less we are talking about some other time of security.

I never like Apple, but right now I'm happy with my IMac HD, just not happy that my list of PC games is smaller then anything.

thorstein2517d ago

Do you really believe that Mac's don't get viruses because of security?

Apple is still a tiny, tiny part of the market. That is why there are few viruses written for it.

Speed-Racer2516d ago

@Neko - The reason for that is that hackers don't care to target the system. It's like this. Safe A has 10 million dollars while Safe B has 5000 dollars. Which are you going to break into? The one with the higher rewards.

Kaneda2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

startup bootcamp and installed windows.. you can play PC games from there...

you got best of both world there..

sikbeta2516d ago

all of the Apple products are closed platforms handled in closed enviroments, Windows is the most widespread OS out there and the most open, any idiot can use one, that's why there is more bad s*** going on in Windows, IF Apple products were half as open, you'd see the s*** going on every day with the only difference that Apple would get a pass for being Apple and get a way with murder like anyone else

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SJIND2516d ago

I hope Apple will bounce back.

kaveti66162516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

10 years?

Apple has 110 billion dollars in liquid cash.

Tomorrow they can purchase the top 5 antivirus companies in the world and become the most secure platform. Of course, their antivirus software will be bloated crap with too much RAM usage and annoying notifications.

Nevertheless, it's an overstatement to say that Apple is 10 years behind, because you simply cannot predict what Apple will do within the next three months, let alone anticipate their acquisitions in the next decade.

southernbanana2516d ago

You simply can't just buy one of the top five anti-virus makers, whom primarily focus on Windows, and expect the Mac OS to be more secure. It just doesn't work that way. There may be some software, like adobe flash for example, that may carry the same holes. For the most part security flaws in the mac are different, and as Kaspersky says they are about a decade behind in security.

kaveti66162516d ago

"It just doesn't work that way."

I presume you don't understand how money works.

southernbanana2515d ago

I presume you do not understand how different the Mac OS is coded in comparison to Windows. Learn a little comprehension before adding a reply like that....

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