10 Kickass Google Tricks You Never Knew

TechFlashed : We all Know Google is awesome.Google the best search engine have some amazing hidden feature which can really amaze you like google gravity which can collapse the google search engine homepage . Here are the best 10 hidden google tricks for you to discover when you use the awesome search engine google next time.

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AgentWhite1973d ago

These tricks are real fun . Really cool ones .google's gravity is perhaps the best one .

Soldierone1973d ago

Some aren't really "Google" tricks though....its mostly just websites that altered Google.

AgentWhite1973d ago

one can try and fool someone by using those altered pages ,mind you they are awesome too .

SJIND1972d ago

I tried some of them really coooool...

fatstarr1972d ago

Zerg rush by far is the best

aDDicteD1972d ago

those were really fun, i like the pacman and the chuck, as well as gravity