Phil Schiller, another reason to hate Apple

Noble Press: I love a big headed elitist just as much as the next guy. No really… I like elitist, I like people that stand for something. Something that they are willing to die for. Studies have shown that Apple is the only brand that spikes the same brain activity as a religion. This is not because its a cult… this is because they make dam great products and they are usually revolutionary.

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SJIND2529d ago

I find No reason to hate apple. Except Apple gadgets are damn costly in India compare to US or UK.

D2-E22529d ago

I dont feel there is need to "hate" Apple. Many others feel the need. I have just provided tender for their flames.

I was personally an Apple fan boy until Jobs died. Now the reality distortion field has lifted and I can see the light.

- Damian Estrada