iPhone 5 set for liquid metal casing and June launch

Tech Radar: Rumors from South Korea claim the next generation Apple iPhone 5 will showcase a redesigned liquid metal casing.

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Agent_hitman2311d ago

Yes it has liquid metal casing with the price of $5000000000 yeah!

adorie2311d ago

T-1000 phone confirmed. T-phone confirmed.

Fat Onion2311d ago

As if Cell Phone Signals, Blu Tooth, Wi-Fi, FM signals passing through my brains wern't damaging they are adding Mercury to seep through my skin?

mushroomwig2311d ago

Brains? Are you some kind of mutant?

Somebody2311d ago

Remember the Terminator movies?

This is how it (the apocalypse) really started....

ziggurcat2311d ago

you beat me to the terminator reference :(

SJIND2311d ago

Only Apple can do this..

cheetorb2311d ago

Dammit, my Galaxy S2 laughed so hard it pee'd on the floor.

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