Two Northern Irish men fined for posting anti-Catholic comments on Facebook

Irish Central - Two Northern Irishmen have been fined for posting sectarian message on Facebook threatening to kill “taigs” (Catholics), along with other religious abuse.

Matthew McKenna (20) and Dean Boyd (21) were fined $715 (£400) and $396 (£250) respectively. Surprisingly Boyd’s wife and

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Software_Lover2534d ago

Is that the Catholic church is the biggest scam in the world, outside of paying insurance premiums to insurance companies that do everything in their power to not pay claims.

They do just about everything Jesus tells believers not to do...............**waits for pink slips**

tachy0n2534d ago

the biggest scam in the world are religions in general... they only separate people trough brainwashing....

glennco2534d ago

i think you mean Religion in general.

gotta love these societies that are still living in the dark ages. i couldn't imagine having an educated conversation with any of them. it would be like traveling back in time

aDDicteD2533d ago

those were inappropriate comments there