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Alarm clock requires PIN code to shut up

Ubergizmo: This might very well be the world’s most exasperating alarm clock!

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Speed-Racer2532d ago

Most likely I might end up breaking it before trying to figure out the pin.

AgentWhite2532d ago

lol ...Excellent reply .
8 out of 10 users will end up breaking ....

BeastOrange2532d ago

You can set a pin, but it attaches to your breaker box...far away from your bed. I just saw this on another site, very unsure if I like this or not lol.

Max Power2531d ago

Meh, I have an app on my phone that requires me to solve math problems to shut off.

sikbeta2531d ago

Chrome has an extention that block any page and force you to write a wall of text without making any mistakes, a pain, but can't deny that it works well to block facebook and all that crap :P

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