Police mysteriously lose video of Megaupload raid Video footage of a police raid on the home of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is missing, and authorities claim they’re not quire sure what happened to it.

This flub is just the latest in anti-piracy allegations against the file-hosting site, and comes amid the evidence discovery phase in the case against Kim Dotcom, the extravagant and eccentric founder of Megaupload, which was raided by New Zealand authorities after the U.S. movie and music industries accused the site of extensive media piracy.

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SnakeCQC2110d ago

how convenient SOOOO MUCH corruption first theor data which was evidence was deleted and now this

fatstarr2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

yup its just super convenient they lost all of this. lol destroy everything that will cause the case to be dropped. They need this case to fight piracy.

Anyway I still support Kim and I hope this shows how fucked the situation is. had he been a stone cold drug lord things would have went way smoother. but the only reason big drug busts go so swell is because they sprinkle coke all over the place to get a solid case.

they should have kept the coke dropping logic and they should have just dropped multiple flash drives filled with pirated content around his house.

sikbeta2109d ago

Even if Megaupload case is dropped, they'll not stop there...

Speed-Racer2109d ago

sikbeta - They are already going after Hotfile...the others are doomed as well.

Soldierone2109d ago

Thats probably why the government won't allow them to backup the servers. If they erase them or take control of them entirely they can say whatever the hell they want was on their. Pirated content, child porn, whatever....Heck wouldn't surprise me if they started uploading their own stuff.

If MU can back it all up and use it in court they could prove the government wrong, and that can't happen....before we know it Dotcom is going to mysteriously disappear or "commit suicide"

BlackTar1872108d ago

Im against this stuff as well the mega upload. But you guys need to take off your tin foil hats. And who gives a crap if they sprinkle drugs around a known drug dealer to make sure he is convicted. Most drug dealers COKE ones at that are a huge issue for kids and probably your kid at some point in the future. Drug dealers kill people in more then one way they kills family's and friends(Literately and not) i don't see the problem.

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Speed-Racer2110d ago

Better call in Gibbs to solve this dilemma.

Sillyace922109d ago

Incriminating evidence? Where?


zero_cool2109d ago

Well we've been warned about marshall law taking effect in 2012 for quite sometime by numerous formerly employed individuals with in law enforcement so this shouldn't come as a shock to anyone tbh.

Stay Strong & Stay Safe Everyone!

Syko2109d ago

Whoops, Butterfingers...It fell into that incinerator over there. Doh!

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