Boom goes the Chinese cellphone in man's pocket

MobileBliss: A year-old Chinese cellphone explodes in Bangkok businessman's pocket

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gizmig1572d ago

That's why we should take care of this little things and keep in mind while purchasing these electronics items. So that we don't threat our own lives due to this.

Zachmo1821571d ago

And boom goes the dynamite

Speed-Racer1572d ago

"imagine how much trouble the mainstream manufacturers with reputations to maintain would be in if Sony’s PlayStation Phone or HTC’s Facebook phone exploded in a user’s pocket."

Happens to iPhones all the time.

ThePundit1572d ago

Happens to many smartphones, not just the iphone.

Speed-Racer1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

I think you missed my joke.

mushroomwig1572d ago

I love how they only use Sony and HTC as their example, just ignoring all the other phone manufacturers completely.

C_Menz1572d ago

Well, it's just the typical bias of those two companies and how people love to hate on them.

SilentNegotiator1572d ago

It's not like any other examples of cell phone producers should spring directly to mind.....*COUGH*APPLE*COUGH*

Bounkass1572d ago

I never buy stuff that are made in China. /sarcasm

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