Chinese teen sells kidney to buy iPhone, iPad

Yahoo News : Authorities have indicted five people in central China for involvement in illegal organ trading after a teenager sold one of his kidneys to buy an iPhone and an iPad

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Speed-Racer2440d ago

Again with the organ sales? This is so sad. I hate to say it, but this kid does not deserve to live for selling his body for a silly phone.

AgentWhite2440d ago

How can one be so desprate to sell an organ for anything is a God's gift and shouldn't be tampered in this fashion . . . and if their is any culprit who encouraged the child to do so, he must be treated very badly .

adorie2439d ago

I see it more as he doesn't appreciate what he has. he sells a piece of himself for two gadgets that will get out dated by the end of this year and probably within the first quarter, or so, next year. Iphone5--->Ipad4(?)

And if he was going to get anything for his meat, why not cash? I would think you could get enough cash for a KIDNEY to amount to more than the price of both gadgets. smh... human race at it's finest here, folks.

FlameBaitGod2439d ago

Yeah that's what I was thinking... People have sold kidneys for over 5 grand lol

SilentNegotiator2439d ago

Oh what? You only need ONE. :)

aDDicteD2439d ago

i agree, gadgets will be outdated and it's not worth it

crxss2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

i'd sell my kidney for an iKidney

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mushroomwig2439d ago

As pathetic as it's his body and he should have the right to do whatever he wants with it. Who are you guys to tell people what they can or cannot do?

AgentWhite2439d ago

you must say this same statement to chinese police authority also .......that would make an another interesting news .

xtreampro2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Both of my dads kidneys have failed and only 10% of both of his kidneys actually function properly and he's suffering like mad yet here you are giving support to an idiot who takes his life and the functions of his kidneys for granted and sells one just to buy a stupid piece of plastic that'll be out of date in a couple of months?

What a pathetic person you are, murders love killing so I guess we shouldn't intervene with them and let them kill since it's their life.

I feel sorry for people like talk you.

sikbeta2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Well, by that, he should sell his body like a wh*re and earn the money to get the damned I-thing IF he's so desperate lol

mushroomwig2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )


Calling me pathetic isn't really the most mature thing to do now, is it? Just because you don't share my opinion doesn't give you ANY right to insult anyone.

'murders love killing so I guess we shouldn't intervene with them and let them kill since it's their life.'

Wow, seriously? Talk about taking things out of context. First of all, murderers are doing things against peoples will. If someone wants to sell their organs then who is that hurting? Once again, people can do whatever they want with their own bodies and people like you have no right to say otherwise.

clearelite2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

I agree with you for the most part, though the first thing I wondered was whether this was a publicity stunt of some sort(etc.)

Unfortunately in this case it SEEMS like the seller was pretty young and maybe not wise enough to understand the perceived stupidity of his actions.

The answer is probably to "educate" people rather than telling them what to do.

Same thing with drugs IMO.

Hopefully, if this kid grows to regret what he did, he will have $35,000 US to replace the kidney he lost....

har har I kid -.-

btw, don't worry about some of your replies. They were mainly emotionally driven.

xtreampro2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

If you ha no money and your son for example wanted to do what this guy did would you let him? How can a fellow human just look at someone destroy his/her own life and not intervene.

You'd have to be the worst human being on the planet to not want to stop him.

What you're saying is we should basically not give a dam about bad human behavior, what kind of nonsense have you been taught? We should be against it not for it and say "oh it's his/her body".

I have a right to speak against his actions so don't tell me I don't. You're a sick and pathetic person and yes I'm not ashamed of calling you that.

mushroomwig2438d ago

'You'd have to be the worst human being on the planet to not want to stop him.'

Lol, I'd have to be the worst human being because I have no right telling other people what they're allowed to do with their own life? Sorry but that logic is very flawed, the worst kind of people are the ones who THINK they have any right to tell people what they can or cannot do.

Don't bother replying because I won't bother reading, English obviously isn't your first language and you clearly have an issue with accepting someone else's views.

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Reborn2439d ago

This is a touchy subject.

Especially, in China. I can't really comment fully on it, but to say 'he doesn't deserve to live' for something like this, is a bit of stretch, Racer?

Speed-Racer2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Imagine the day his other kidney goes bad...he'd wish he had his first one. Why go through all that trouble just for a product that will be outdated in a few years vs. something that could keep you alive for decades.

Blackdeath_6632439d ago

lol imagine the disappointment on his face when they release a new one a week later...
i feel sorry for victims of a society where they feel the need to follow a trend or fashion just because everyone else does. there are better options out there than iphone/ipad at a cheaper price besides, it is not a necessity to have iphone/ipad its nothing more than a commodity that will eventually become worthless. i would have never bought a smart phone of any kind if it wasn't given to me simply because i dont need it. as far as im concerned a phone makes and recives calls and messages and thats it.

reznik_zerosum2439d ago

life is to short to care about morons of this level

aDDicteD2439d ago

kidneys are so important, it was a very rash decision choosing to sell their organ for money to buy gadgets. i feel sorry for those people. i dont know how hard their life is but I'm sure that selling kidneys is not the solution and is a very bad idea

Statix2439d ago

Sacrificing a body part for an electronics item that will be obsolete in 5-10 years. Always the right move.