Top 10 Blogs That Were Sold For Millions

Gamerzpedia: Checkout some of the blogs that made their owners instantly rich.

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Speed-Racer2320d ago

Where is Huffington Post? A whopping $315 million.

Bil2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

well its kind of news website so I thought its better to include it in top websites sales

Speed-Racer2320d ago

Well it actually is still a blog though. Their layout even follows that systems, with 2 main columns. One of news and the other for opinions. I think only now that they were bought over by AOL, they're transitioning from that blog status to the official news outlet status, but Arianna Huffington doesn't seem to have an issue with her site being called a blog.

Bil2320d ago

so lets say it is 50-50, you can add it to your top blog sales and I'll put it in top sites sale, win-win situation for both of us :)