How to Get Free 23GB Storage Space on Dropbox

CrazRoid: "Do you want free 23GB storage space on your Dropbox account? If so then follow the below given steps to claim your free storage space."

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fatstarr1667d ago

how does this work? why is it working...

dilawer1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

well, since HTC partnered with Dropbox, they have implemented Dropbox app in their upcoming One series and other phones as well, Giving all HTC owners free 23GB storage space for free. A mod at XDA forums was able to pull out that apk from HTC devices and had it working on all Android devices, giving you free 23GB space.

fatstarr1667d ago

ok good, I dont wanan do this and have some sort of ban or people taking away my free space.

GamerSciz1667d ago

Damn, I tried this on my rooted Kindle Fire with CM7 and it seemed not to work. Oh well, worth a shot.

dilawer1666d ago

have you completed the "Getting Started" steps on dropbox first?

GamerSciz1666d ago

Everything except the "Download on another computer"...

Speed-Racer1666d ago

Sucks that this is only for 2 years though.

dilawer1666d ago

2 years a big amount of time my friend, [who knows the world might end in 2012 :D]

Speed-Racer1666d ago

Then one day out of the blue, all your stuff gets erased because your 2 year space expires. That's my problem with it.

aDDicteD1664d ago

hmm.. might follow those steps and give it a try