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iPad 3: Apple's most breakable tablet yet?

PCA: It’s Apple best iPad to date, but if you’ve got the new tablet, it’s worth knowing that it’s also the most likely to end up cracked or smashed.

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csimpson2540d ago

So the Smart Cover is to blame? I thought tablet covers were supposed to * protect* the device, not break it. Only Apple could get away with something like this.

ziggurcat2539d ago

... and only a PC elitist would try to get away with this kind of pathetic trolling...

Speed-Racer2540d ago

Rubbish article. They really took an assumption and stretched it. I actually thought this had something to do with the weight or design build but guess they were just making stuff up the top of their heads.

csimpson2540d ago

It's more than an assumption - Smart Cover attaches to tablet with magnets. iPad 3 is heavier than iPad 1 and 2. Hence, more chance for magnets to slip off.

Speed-Racer2540d ago

The weight difference is negligible though. Trying to say the iPad 3 is most breakable device is a terrible assumption based on the magnetized protectors. If they were held in a different case, that argument would be thrown right out the window. That title is just pure link bait as your commenters mentioned.

Noctis Aftermath2540d ago

It is indeed a rubbish article, the problem seems to be the cover and not the ipad itself.

contra1572540d ago

I think all these articles about iPhones iPads breaking so easy are a little blown out of proportion my friend has an iPhone 4 drops it constantly doesn't have a case and has yet to be cracked anything yes it has scratches but it has not shattered nor has crack

Baka-akaB2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

How about being extra cautious with a 400 dollars machine , regardless of its durability ?

It shouldnt even be dropping out of those hands enough to have such damages