Hackers Can Make $250,000 Selling iOS Exploits To The Government

Appyzilla: iOS hackers are some of the most sought after individuals in the security research community. Geniuses like Comex who come up with jailbreaks used by millions of iPhone and iPad users are offered incredible sums of money to sell their exploits to powerful and high profile clients.

Sure, you could win a decent amount of cash at a security conference for showing off the exploits you’ve uncovered, but why not make $250,000 and secretly sell your stuff to say, an entity like the U.S. government?

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GameGuy2549d ago

Some one teach me how to hack then we can split the money....please? ;)

_Q_2548d ago

Yeah but then you end up on a short list when shit hits the fan.

Zerg2548d ago

$250k to make you their chimp! No thanks!