Google Chrome takes lead from Internet Explorer

Telegraph - Google Chrome briefly became the world's most popular web browser at the weekend, overtaking Microsoft Internet Explorer for the first time, according to independent figures.

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bahabeast2524d ago

i dnt see why it didnt overtake microsoft long time ago, its alot better in many way. IMO

Strange_Evil2524d ago

Most corporate offices don't allow you you tamper with the equipment and people are forced to make do with Internet Explorer as they cannot download and install stuff.

I am pretty sure 80% of the market who use IE are people who as such have no choice of selecting another browser. The rest 20%... Well they are ignorant (usually old people who care less about the internet) or MS employees.

TVippy2524d ago

Do they really force their people to use IE at their offices?

Strange_Evil2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

^^^ Yup. They don't force per say, they just don't allow you to install 3rd party software on their system. Hence you are basically stuck with using only IE. In my previous job, the people valued security very high and went as far as disabling the USB ports and updates to their system. They felt Firefox and Chrome with all the 'extensions' could be vulnerable to attack.

Forget about corporate, even schools and colleges don't allow students to install anything on the PCs (at least the ones I know). Just think about how many PCs are there in schools and colleges... Now you get where that huge IE % comes from... It's basically people stuck with it and having no alternatives.

If a day comes when MS doesn't ship Windows with a browser or ships with say Chrome or Firefox alongside IE, then I am pretty sure that % will smash to single digits in a matter of months.

CynicalVision2524d ago

I second this, every office job I've ever had only offered IE as the web browser.

dboyman2523d ago

In the office I work everyone has to work with IE, since the apps we use are setup to work with.

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killcycle2523d ago

My beef with Chrome is that it's still very unsafe, but the speed is lightning quick.

deep_fried_bum_cake2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

How is it unsafe? Chrome is the most secure browser there is. It's safer than internet explorer and far safer than firefox.

Megaman_nerd2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Chrome is probably the safest browser right now. lol

Google even offers money to anybody that can crack it and depending on the severity of the exploitation you could get thousands of dollars!

killcycle2523d ago

My beef with Chrome is that it's still very unsafe, but browsing is lightning quick.

biRdy2524d ago

Yea I love Chrome, but I have to admit the new Explorer is very nice.

SilentNegotiator2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Anything other than the viral floodgate that is IE. If I could, I would delete IE in a heartbeat.

I personally go with Firefox. It's not the fastest, but it's worth it for the interface and features.

caseh2524d ago

Same here, Firefox is a good alternative although Opera is probably my favourite as i've never had any issues with it.

ThirstyforFanta2524d ago

People are seriously hating on IE for no reason now..
Yeah it used to be pretty damn slow and bloated, by IE9 is actually decent.. Fast and good looking

Petro2523d ago

http://peacekeeper.futurema... Test your browser speed there. :) I as a web developer go always for fastest browser, and Chrome tends to win in that department.

Tommykrem2524d ago

Firefox, Chrome, Opera
With so many good choices one has to wonder why some people use IE

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