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New iPad Review [Capsule Computers]

Capsule Computers writes:

"The new iPad has been a conflicting release. Some feel this is purely an incremental update that is a massive disappointment, others feel this has been the biggest and most impressive update to the iPad line, similar to the jump between the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4. There are two main questions that need answers when it comes to the iPad. Should you buy one? And if you have an iPad 2, is it worth your while to upgrade?"

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masterabbott2551d ago

I am certainly going to be picking this one up, but i have to sell my 64gb iPad 2 wifi first.

futurefrog2551d ago

i hATE how they constantly make their own products obsolete for no reason!!!!

Strange_Evil2551d ago

And what about every other company out there making Android tablets and launching a new one every 2-3 months? At least with Apple you update the thing once.

In fact if you look at it, a major upgrade on Apple products actually happens every 2 years. iPad 2 as a minor update to iPad 1 and even the iPad 4 will be a minor update to this current 1 (Same case here... iPhone 4 was a major upgrade followed by minor upgrade of 4S... 5 will be another major upgrade). If you were smart, you'd buy 1 now and use it for 2 years and then jump to the iPad 5 which will be a major upgrade.

masterabbott2550d ago

Well they dont completely make their old products obeslete straight away. the 3GS is still capable of playing games but it way behind on supported list of features, such as retina display and what not. but is apple u are talking about the heard and flock will buy mindlessly without question and throw their 9 month old products away and only play with the new ones.

Zerg2551d ago

Of course you're going to buy it. You're just a dumb sheep belonging to the Apple pasture.

futurefrog2551d ago

Zerg you are right. APple thrives off the millions of sheep who think they are cool if they have apple products. Only to realise that owning something doesnt and never will make you any better in life than not owning it. iPADS FOR THE FAIL! SHEEP BITCH MASTERSHEEPIT!

koga882551d ago

Seems like the camera has seen a massive improvement, though I feel like Apple is a bit pretentious about the name, The New iPad instead of just the iPad 3. I don't feel the need right away to upgrade my iPad 2, unless some amazing games come along that won't allow you to play them unless you upgrade.

futurefrog2551d ago

THe camera does seem to be better but is it really enough reason to dump your old device in favour of this upgrade?

ngecenk2550d ago

there's always someone on apple related article, bashing apple product, mocking apple user, without any solid argument.