10 Places You’re Not Allowed to See on Google Maps

Mashable - Want an up close view of the Eiffel Tower but can’t make it to Paris anytime soon? Google Maps is optimal for virtual sightseeing. But not every landmark is visible on the site — some images are blurred and distorted by countries for security reasons.

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Zerg1798d ago

My house is the 11th place :D

cyberbob1798d ago

tell me the name will forward the name to publisher of this article to update one more

Speed-Racer1797d ago

He wouldn't tell you, that's why it's hidden ;)

cyclindk1796d ago

I can see it... juuuuust fine from where I'm sitting.. eating a pastry... dun, dun, duuuuuuuuun.

Strongfist361798d ago

Cool but useless information lol. Somehow interesting, though.

Strongfist361798d ago

I expected to see Area 51 on the list =/

Speed-Racer1798d ago

Most of Area 51 is underground.

Strongfist361798d ago

I see. Then it is time for Google Maps to ad an x-ray feature lol

Wolfbiker1797d ago

mysterious spot in russia!?

them commies are up to something!

iMpuTeD1796d ago

google maps underground and after that under the ocean would be pretty sick.