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Another Leaked Image of Samsung Galaxy SIII

appsplit: "Even though there have been hundreds of rumors about the SGSIII regarding leaked images [that looks quite promising!], specs and other stuff as well but none of them seem to be true. What we have today is another one of those “Leaked Images” and this one also looks pretty promising just like the last one."

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Anarki1951d ago

There hasn't even been 100% guaranteed proof there is even a GS3 in the works..

dilawer1951d ago

well, samsung has clearly hinted at several occasions that a successor to SGS2 is in works.

fatstarr1951d ago

the SGIII is definitely being made
its going to be the new benchmark.

blumatt1951d ago

Benchmark in hardware, probably not software. But I did like the S2 a lot. I've got a 4s but if the iPhone 5 doesn't impress I might get the Gslaxy S3.

Speed-Racer1950d ago

@blumatt - well it would be android 4.0... guess they would have their own UI slapped across it though, which could be a disadvantage.

fatstarr1950d ago

some have claimed that it supports dual os boot

Speed-Racer1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

At least credit your source.

dilawer1951d ago

dude! seriously i just got this in an email with a few details from a friend. Never knew what the actual source was.

Rattlehead201951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

I just want it announced soon! I'm due for and upgrade in a few months.

fatstarr1950d ago

Im in the same exact boat. its just in time cant wait.