Anonymous-OS released, full of trojans

What's Hawt: A group posing as anonymous has released a Linux based OS, claiming that it is an educational tool that can be used to check the security of websites. However it turns out that the software is laiden with many trojans.

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RonyDean1807d ago

Just what I wanted, a crappy looking OS with trojans!

Speed-Racer1807d ago

What can you expect from an anonymous organization?

sikbeta1807d ago

But... they're helping us fighting teh man!


MmaFan-Qc1807d ago

anonymous is simply a bunch of hipsters.

b163o11806d ago

Truly, the first experience I had with Anonymous was the dreaded PSN hack, and for that I obvious dislike them. Time has pasted and I actually have gained a little respect for these guys, sticking it to the man.....

ziggurcat1806d ago

@ MmaFan-Qc:

not so much hipster as an unemployed basement-dweller.

fatstarr1803d ago

I dont think we should blame anonymous for this.

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Lord_Sloth1807d ago

Who the hell was dumb enough to download this?

Lord_Sloth1807d ago

This is why I can't have faith in humans!

sikbeta1807d ago

Gotta support those who fight for our freedom against teh evil corporations...


C_Menz1807d ago

You would be surprised at what people will download..

CynicalVision1807d ago

I love how Anon constantly claim that they're only around to provide justice for the people and yet they continue to just make things worse.

Corepred41807d ago

"A group posing as anonymous"
"Anonymous also repeatedly tweeted to users, telling them not to install the software because of the present dangers, and stated that whoever published the OS was not affiliated with the clan."

Do you even bother reading the articles?

ziggurcat1807d ago

just because the person and/or small group of individuals running the twitter account says they aren't affiliated with anonymous, doesn't mean that the people who created the OS aren't part of anonymous.

anyone can be part of the group by simply stating they are, so... if they said that they're anonymous, then, well... they're part of anonymous no matter how many protestations are made on twitter.

Sobari1807d ago

Silly Core. Everyone knows kids these days aren't intelligent enough to know how to read.

Baka-akaB1807d ago

so basically it's conveniently only anonymous when they do something good , and when it's crap it's not them ?

Again how convenient ...

sikbeta1807d ago


Flawed logic right there, cos you know, Anon doesn't have and structure, so, anyone can be anonymous... yes, even those who released this pos filled with trojans :P

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C_Menz1807d ago

Well, this isn't Anonymous first off. And secondly I do agree with you that they tend to make things worse against their "goal" most of the time.

tiffac0081807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

This is why a hive system where everyone can just become a member by claim is a fail.

Time to start admitting you have a hierarchy, Anon.

C_Menz1807d ago

Well, they actually do somewhat. There is a "main" group that is more important. But overall it still is a bit disorganized looking in from the outside.

tiffac0081806d ago

I know but they still won't admit they have a hierarchy which is ironic. lol!

red2tango1807d ago

you guys do know anonymous said this is fake

CynicalVision1807d ago

Lol, if Anon said it then it MUST be true.

ziggurcat1807d ago

you do know that they spawned from 4chan, which is notoriously known for being troll central...

brandonb211807d ago

Or child sex offenders in /b

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