Encyclopædia Britannica's 2010 edition to be its last

ARS Technica: The 244-year-old Encyclopedia Britannica will be going out of print this year, abdicating to the likes of Google and Wikipedia. Most adults will remember looking up information in the IRL knowledge-base's volumes, but the iconic encyclopedia only represents 1 percent of the company's total sales today. Britannica traditionally published a new set of tomes every 2 years, but the company decided that the 2010 version (which costs $1,400) will be the final edition. Britannica will sell its remaining 4,000 copies of the encyclopedia, and then end its run.

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fatstarr2567d ago

the internet killed the Encyclopedia but professors still expect us to use these books to get up to date info.

the future is going to be weird. sad to see it go though.