Microsoft will allow Windows and Office on the iPad—but it won't be free

ARS Technica: There's a free iPad app that gives anyone access to a Windows 7 desktop and Microsoft Office 2010 from a tablet—but it's probably too good to be true. As we wrote on Thursday, Microsoft says the "OnLive Desktop" service that streams a cloud-hosted Windows installation to iPads and Android tablets isn't properly licensed. OnLive isn't commenting, but the company will probably have to re-work the service's structure, which has a free tier and optional fee-based upgrades, or risk having to shut it down.

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Speed-Racer1991d ago

It's not even free on Windows -.-

cyberbob1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

quality never come for free.If we want something good we have to pay for it

Speed-Racer1991d ago

Doesn't that make the title unnecessary then?

cyberbob1991d ago

Submitter of this story must give answer for this

contra1571991d ago

This will kill the windows tablet for sure

Sobari1991d ago

So, it's not YOUR windows desktop, but a different installation of it in the clouds? Lame.

Agent_hitman1990d ago

Too good to be true if MS allows it.