Anonymous hacks Panda Security in response to LulzSec arrests

Zdnet - Anonymous has retaliated against the arrests of five LulzSec members. The hacktivist group has defaced multiple Panda Security domains as well as stolen the e-mail credentials of 114 employees.

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C_Menz1733d ago

Why are they retaliating? Didn't one of their own members turn on them? So why blame anyone else...

ThePundit1733d ago

mayb bcuz there's nothin much else they can do ...

ProGrasTiNation1732d ago

AnonymousIRC ‏ @AnonymousIRC
Tech Herald: #AntiSec: Panda Labs targeted for allegedly working with law enforcement iS… #Anonymous - still sailing strong

adorie1732d ago

lol, they look like "bros" haha.

Reborn1732d ago

I heard it was one of their 'own'. But then again, did they believe they'd not respond? Surely the FBI aren't that stupid.

WitWolfy1732d ago

SSOD-ing again, are we? Idiots

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