Stakeout: how the FBI tracked and busted a Chicago Anon

ARS Technica: "Script kiddie"—no hacker worth his salt wants to hear the term used to describe him. Anyone with modest computer skills can cause modest havoc using other people's code fragments, scanners, and infiltration tools, but this is little more than knowing how to point a gun in the right direction and pull the trigger.

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fatstarr2574d ago

CW-1: hows the news looking?
@sup_g: I been going hard all night
CW-1: I heard we're all over the news papers
CW-1: you mother fuckers are going to get me raied [raided]
@sup_g: we put out 30k cards, the dump, and another statement
@sup_g: dude it's big..
CW-1: if I get raided anarchaos your job is to cause havok in my honor
CW-1: <3
CW-1: sup_g:
@sup_g: it shall be so

But the raid had, in fact, already happened. CW-1 was "Sabu"

smh betrayal I never liked that sabu character. this is going to make for a pretty interesting movie.

"Sabu had even provided a server to store the stolen Statfor data, so he couldn't be a fed (in reality, he had done so at the FBI's direction)." this story has caused some major chaos and trust issues to arise in underground groups. that I am sure of.

BeastOrange2573d ago

No doubt this just keeps getting more and more interesting