ROCCAT Power-Grid app, Phobo gaming keyboard shift PC controls to your phone

Engadget - Razer's switchblade concept may not have made it out of CES 2011, but its dynamic, adaptive keys lived on, both in the outfit's Star Wars: The Old Republic keyboard and Blade laptop. The hardware is slick, to be sure, but what if you could snag similar functionality for free from your local app marketplace? That's what ROCCAT hopes to deliver with its newly announced Power-Grid application. In addition to providing quick-key hungry gamers with a programmable touchscreen grid of applications and in-game macros, the handheld suite will let iOS and Android users monitor their gaming PC's vital statistics (such as CPU status, RAM usage, hard drive space, etc), manage Facebook, TeamSpeak, Skype and Twitter traffic, and even fine tune their audio settings -- all without the need to minimize their game.

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