LG Optimus Vu Goes Up For Sale As Pricing Info Revealed

Pocketnow - Whether you look at them as jumbo-sized smartphones, mini tablets, or have come up with some cute portmanteau to try and cram the words together, there's no denying that the mid-size five-to-seven-inch range has been getting a lot more attention as of late. That's due in no small part to Samsung and its Galaxy Note, with a 5.3-inch display that really pushes the limits of how large a display a device can get away with while still being a phone. We learned last month that LG had been toying with a similar idea, and would be giving its upcoming Optimus Vu Android a five-inch screen in an atypical 4:3 aspect ratio. Today LG announces initial availability for the Vu, but with a price tag that may have you rethinking just how much a large screen is worth.

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