Infamous international hacking group LulzSec brought down by own leader

Fox News: "Law enforcement agents on two continents swooped in on top members of the infamous computer hacking group LulzSec early this morning, and acting largely on evidence gathered by the organization’s brazen leader -- who sources say has been secretly working for the government for months -- arrested three and charged two more with conspiracy."

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halocursed2327d ago

This is why you Trust nobody.

technologymob2327d ago

Indeed, while I can understand why he did it... he'd be locked up for the rest of his life... it doesn't make it any less pathetic from a supporter of (most) Anonymous' operations.

NewMonday2326d ago

the government taking credit after other hackers from the light side of the force exposed him months ago, i remember some of his comment to his group threatening to kill them if they expose the group, very ironic this.

and did they get the one who controlled the bot net?

zag2326d ago

Who says it was hackers giving details to the FBI.

The guy has 2 kids, easy to be tracked and easy to be done over simply by saying he'll go to jail for 20 years.

Heck they use IRC the easiest thing to track and find out stuff and IPs etc, you'd just hang on the server and and log off the server channels and pick up all the IPs coming on to the server anyone can do that for months on end.

Then you have their DDoS software is full of maleware that hands out for emails and banking details out on to the net all the time you use it for.

They've been DDoSing for the last month just about every 2 days for hours on end.

They aren't exactly that highly protected and great.

fatstarr2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

shit just got real. just got really real. thats an episode of csi or something right here.
hes been working with them since june. thats just crazy.

sad day like woah what a snitch.

the leader uses a mac tho he deserves everything he gets. I feel sorry for the other members .

its fox tho imma do research b4 I accept this.

technologymob2327d ago

I thought that too, however the evidence is overwhelming. For a start Sabu himself connected to IRC earlier and just said "sorry guys" and left. Safe to say, on this occasion, Fox are right.

tachy0n2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

no matter if some of the leaders against the New World Order are caught, we the people will not allow it, stupid governments you can't stop the will of the people with your stupid laws and cowardly done censorship, like the saying says: THE PEOPLE SHOULD NOT FEAR THEIR GOVERNMEMTS, THE GOVERNMENTS SHOULD FEAR THE PEOPLE!!

to the world governments, you should had expected us, the billions of people on the planet.

smashcrashbash2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Right. I am sorry but I may be against some of the things that governments do but I am also against the chaos people like Lulzsec, Anon and the rest cause. They are are not my voice, my sword, my friends or my shield. They are just as bad as the people who try to take our rights away from us.

They cause chaos and give them a reason to police us.If we act like animals they have reasons to put us in cages.I will NEVER support the chaos people like them cause. they are radicals. I will use my own voice not the voice of people who don't care about the consequences of the chaos they cause.

Somebody2326d ago

You guys cowardly attack from the shadows, making life hard for everyone and you expect us to praise you?

You can't even trust your own leader!

WitWolfy2326d ago

Same shit... Different day... At first I really applauded for what "anonymous" stood for, then then they just started losing the plot "SSODing" every sight claiming they hacked it...

Give me a break

tarbis2326d ago

Idiots will always be idiots. You guys are no different from Al Qaeda. If they can find Bin Laden then you guys are far easier to find.

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dcbronco2326d ago

They should have realized that the only time you're allowed to cause people to lose billions is when you run a financial firm, are a politician or bank.

aGameDeveloper2326d ago

The difference is that you chose to use that financial firm or bank, or (collectively) voted for that politician (who then bailed out those institutions that affected everyone). We did not ask the hacker groups to represent us.

dcbronco2323d ago

I'm not sure where you live but here in America, our politicians do what their corporate masters tell them. Not the people that voted for them.

I will say this. Since corporations don't get a vote. It is stupid Americans that continue to vote for the same two parties. Even though it's obvious they serve their corporate masters and not the people. Because Americans are far more interested in arguing about silly --it and trying to run other peoples lives to notice a --cked up country.

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