Solving the USB Conundrum - NewerTech's Power2U AC/USB Wall Outlet Reviewed [] - As technology continues to take a larger role in our lives, the need for charging stations for our portable devices becomes more abundant. Smartphones, GPS units, gaming consoles, MP3 players, and even our Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers receive a charge through a USB terminal. Moreover, the adapters for these devices oftentimes are bulky and can take up two, and sometimes three, spots on a power strip or wall outlet, turning our kitchen counters, night stands or wherever you charge your USB devices into an unsightly wad of wiring that look like a spaghetti factory exploded in your domicile.

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Syko2394d ago

Like it, but at $30 I might just keep using the USB ports on my DirecTV Box, My Reciever, My HTPC, My PS3, My 360's, My 3 other computers...Etc lol

You see my problem with this...A Tech geek that would use this is going to be at no shortage of USB ports. And at $30 it is a steep price for a cool, clean look...Probably end up getting a few though eventually if I find a decent deal on them. At least one for each room.

fatstarr2393d ago

pretty innovative and thought about. but as syko said with so many other choices to get a usb device charged this is a big stretch for 30/ Maybe for newer buildings being built and future construction jobs this can really happen.

also thats mad work to install this.