What Would Happen If You Shot a Gun in Space?

Space - Fires can't burn in the oxygen-free vacuum of space, but guns can shoot. Modern ammunition contains its own oxidizer, a chemical that will trigger the explosion of gunpowder, and thus the firing of a bullet, wherever you are in the universe. No atmospheric oxygen required

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C_Menz2392d ago

Always thought they wouldn't fire...but this article proved that to be false... One thing that stood out is about what Russian's carry to space...

"Guns do actually get carried to space, though not quite to the void between galaxies. For decades, the standard survival pack for Russian cosmonauts has included a gun. Until recently, it wasn't just any gun, but "a deluxe all-in-one weapon with three barrels and a folding stock that doubles as a shovel and contains a swing-out machete,"

Have to give it to the Russians, only they would carry a gun that can be used a shovel and has a fold out machete in space.

Speed-Racer2391d ago

Hmm I wonder if the suicide pill is also reality or just a myth.

zeddy2391d ago

this is why aliens use laser beam guns.